Het Sphinxcour is het hart van het Sphinxkwartier

Sphinxkwartier: industrial & unusual

A new part of Maastricht, just that tiny bit different. That is the best way to describe the industrial Sphinxkwartier. On the edge of the historic city centre you can sleep, shop, work, eat, drink and enjoy (arthouse) films and music in former factory buildings. In the historic marina Het Bassin you will find cozy restaurants and workshops. The Sphinxkwartier's past has been given special attention in the unique Sphinxpassage: in this tiled passage-way you learn more on the history of the Sphinxfactories (bilingual).

Industrial and unusual: that is the Sphinxkwartier. It is the new cultural and creative heart of the city. Here you will find and experience a different Maastricht where dynamic redevelopment, innovation, surprise, culture and history go together hand in hand. A ‘new’ piece of Maastricht for young people of all ages.

Het Sphinxcour is het hart van het Sphinxkwartier

Sphinx factories as a backdrop

The former Sphinx factories are a perfect backdrop for creative and cultural entrepreneurs and new and exciting projects. Here you can enjoy life 24/7. Start your day shopping at lifestylestore Loods 5, visit an exhibition at Bureau Europa or enjoy a hike in the rugged Frontenpark. In the old wharf cellars of the historic marina Het Bassin you will find not only restaurants, but also studio Vormstof and Yogaschool Maastricht. Catch a film during the eveninghours at Pathé or Lumière Cinema or visit a smashing concert at music venue the Muziekgieterij. Would you rather enjoy the sunset with a cocktail in your hand? Then stop by Bold Rooftop Bar, on top of the iconic Eiffelbuilding.

In de Sphinxpassage komt het verleden tot leven

Sphinxpassage: Sphinxstory in 30.000 tiles

In the 120 meter long Sphinxpassage, 30,000 tiles tell the story of the former Sphinx factories. This daily open and free exhibition is one of the reasons that the Sphinxkwartier has received European recognition. The Sphinxkwartier is part of the European Routes of Industrial Heritage (ERIH), together with the Frontenpark and the Radium. Because of the multiplicity of public functions, you can visit and experience all Industrial monuments. Maybe 'Instagrammable' is the best word to describe the #Sphinxkwartier.


Belvédère Maastricht in the picture

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