Detailopname Sphinxpassage - fotograaf Fred Berghmans

Sphinxpassage: history in 30.000 tiles

The Sphinxpassage is a 120-metre-long, covered passageway in between The Student Hotel en Pathé. The Sphinxhistory is brought to life in word, images and objects. 

Longest tile panel passageway in the Netherlands

The Sphinxpassage is a free, permanent exhibition that embodies the history of the Sphinx factories (Sphinxfabrieken) and the Eiffel building (Eiffelgebouw). Approximately 30,000 tiles arranged into 26 chapters recount the history of both the ceramics industry in Maastricht and the Regout family. This impressive storytelling exhibition is created by using a mix of tableware, designs, old adverts, family portraits, and old transfer prints (a method of decorating enamels or ceramics). The imposing tiled wall is 120 metres long and five metres high, making it the largest of its kind in the Netherlands. The Sphinxpassage is situated in between Pathé Cinema and The Student Hotel.

European recognition of the Sphinxkwartier

Sphinxkwartier listed as anchorpoint in the European Routes of Industrial Heritage (ERIH)

Maastricht's Sphinxkwartier district is an anchor point along the European Route of Industrial Heritage (ERIH). ERIH anchor points are heritage sites of exceptional historical importance for industrial history. Maastricht's Sphinxkwartier, the birthplace of the Industrial Revolution in the Netherlands, is designated as one of these points.