Frencken-Scholl Architecten - fotograaf Jonathan Vos

Business opportunities in the dynamic Sphinxkwartier

The Student Hotel, Nieuwe Stroom, and The European Journalism Centre are just a few examples of businesses that successfully established themselves in the iconic Eiffelbuilding (Eiffelgebouw). If you have a creative or innovative company to add to that list, then you are the entrepreneur we are looking for to fill the remaining business premises.

TSH Collab - fotograaf Jonathan Vos

Available space in the Eiffelbuilding

The Eiffelbuilding is the heart of the Sphinxkwartier. The Student Hotel is located in the central section and the ends of the building still have space for businesses. Nieuwe Stroom, Frencken-Scholl Architecten, and The European Journalism Centre made the south side of the building their home. The Collab is part of The Student Hotel and is located on the first floor on the north side of the building. If you are looking for roughly 300 m2 or 600 m2 of business accommodation, then have a look at our photo album and read our brochure to see the opportunities that the Eiffelbuilding could offer you.

Bedrijfsruimte in het Eiffelgebouw - fotograaf Jonathan Vos


The Sphinxkwartier in Maastricht is newly redeveloped and is within walking distance of Markt square and Vrijthof square. Eye-catching features include The Student Hotel, Bold Rooftopbar, the United Nations University – Merit, and Loods 5. The Pathé and Lumière cinemas and the Muziekgieterij (music venue) are impressive locations that attract many visitors. The market on Friday is the perfect place to treat yourself to a herring sandwich, while the Bassin marina is the perfect location for a waterside business lunch. Alternatively, you could walk through the ‘Frontenpark’ to clear your mind. The Sphinxkwartier is the place to be, with everything that an inspirational working environment needs.

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If you would like to establish your company in the Eiffelbuilding, then please contact us by sending an e-mail to: sphinxkwartier [at] (sphinxkwartier[at]maastricht[dot]nl)

Business premises in pictures

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Photographer Jonathan Vos made a series of photographs of furnished and available business premises in the Eiffelbuilding. See them all via our Flickr account