Woningsbouw op het Sphinxterrein - fotograaf Fred Berghmans

Living in the Sphinxkwartier

People live, work and enjoy quality time in the bustling Sphinxkwartier. In the adjacent district Lindenkruis the construction of new residential homes is almost completed. In the years to come, however, construction will continue at full speed: approximately 700 new homes and apartments will be built on the site by the iconic Eiffelbuilding.The housing development will give a new impulse to the Sphinxkwartier and is the next phase in the transformation of industrial area into a fully-fledged urban district.


The first phase of housing construction began in the autumn of 2018. On the southern part of the Sphinx site, various developers are building a mix of apartments and houses. Clients are Sphinx Zuid B.V. (Living in the Sphinxkwartier) and the CPO projects Sphinxtuin, Parkwoningen and Les Mouleurs. 

Wonen in het Sphinxkwartier - fotograaf Fred Berghmans

Living in the Sphinxkwartier

Under the alias 'Living in the Sphinxkwartier', 3W Real Estate and RO Group are developing 380 new homes on the southern part of the Sphinx site. This includes ground-level houses and apartments varying in size between 50 and 150 m2.  In terms of architecture, both houses and apartments refer to the industrial past of the Sphinxkwartier. For more information, please visit www.woneninhetsphinxkwartier.nl. More interested in renting?  Then take a look at  www.hureninsphinxzuid.nl or renting in Amonet

CPO-project Parkwoningen - fotograaf Fred Berghmans

Parkwoningen (Parkresidencies)

In collaboration with architect Mathieu Bruls and Urbannerdam five 'Parkresidencies' have been built on the southern Sphinx site. The houses are a so-called CPO projects (Collective Private Clientship). Buyers designed their own floor plan for the three storey houses. A fourth floor has been added to one of the residencies. All houses have their own garden adjacent to a communal garden that is shared with neighbouring CPO projects Sphinxtuin and Les Mouleurs.

CPO projects Sphinxtuin, Parkwoningen & Les Mouleurs

The Sphinxtuin, Parkwoningen and Les Mouleurs complexes are unique to Maastricht. CPO is an abbreviation of 'Collective Private Clientship' and stands for an innovative form of development and construction. Residents are in charge of their project from the outset and select both architect and contractor themselves. All projects are fully pre-funded by the residents.

CPO-project SphinxTuin - fotograaf Fred Berghmans


The Sphinxtuin complex is built in a U-shape, with the open side facing east. Green is central to the implementation. Not only because of the colour of the bricks, but also because of the use of vertical gardens that cover the walls and sustainable choices of materials. The complex is completely energy-neutral. The central garden is shared with the residents of the park residencies and the opposite CPO project Les Mouleurs. Sphinxtuin is designed by architect Mathieu Bruls. The first residents have now moved in.

CPO-project Les Mouleurs - fotograaf Fred Berghmans

Les Mouleurs

The name is a tribute to the mould makers and factoryworkers. Les Mouleurs adjoins both the Andries chapel and the central garden which is shared with the residents of the park residencies and Sphinxtuin. In consultation with Humblé, Martens and Willems Architects, the residents opted for an oblong ground plan with abundant windows and natural light. There is also plenty of attention for sustainability at les Mouleurs.

Loft in het Eiffelgebouw - fotograaf Jonathan Vos

Industrial lofts in the Eiffelbuilding

A total of sixteen lofts have been realised in the iconic Eiffel building, varying in size from 100 to 150 m2, at both the northern and southern ends. The lofts are located on the two top floors and residents have access to their own roof terrace. All lofts have been issued on long leases.

Woningbouw in het Sphinxkwartier - fotograaf Fred Berghmans

Preview Sphinx North

Construction on the Sphinx site will continue from 2024 onwards. The current parking lot - P Sphinx - will be replaced by an underground parking garage for residents and visitors. During construction, the parking capacity will be temporarily expanded elsewhere in order to maintain parking capacity for the Sphinxkwartier and city centre.

Construction work in the picture

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