Infocentrum Belvédère

Belvédère office

The old showroom of the Sphinx factory is now converted to the Belvédère office. Until recently this was the place to be if you wanted to learn more about the developments in the Belvédère district in north-west Maastricht, of which the Sphinxkwartier and the Frontenpark are part. The former Information Centre is no longer open voor public, only by appointment. Via this website you can discover the plans for the future.  

Belvédère Wijkontwikkelingsmaatschappij B.V.

Mailbox 68
6200 AB Maastricht
KvK: 14082417

Visiting address:

Fenikshof 1 
6211 AX  Maastricht
E-mail: belvedere [at] (belvedere[at]maastricht[dot]nl)

Opening hours: only by appointment.
Entrance via the Penitentenpoort between UNU-MERIT and Pathé Cinema.
Parking facilities: P Sphinx or P+W Frontenpark

Informatiecentrum Belvédère - Luchtfoto Aron Nijs

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