Upcoming developments in Belvédère Maastricht

Developments within Belvédère continue in full swing. The coming years Belvédère focusses on the continuous development of the Frontenpark, The Radium, Retailpark Belvédère and the reallocation of 'Sappi-South' in combination with the Landbouwbelang.


Industrial & unusual

On a stone's throw away from the Frontenpark, around the former Sphinx factories, a new district is being created: the Sphinxkwartier. The Sphinxkwartier is an unpolished and unusual part of Maastricht, where more than 100,000 m2 of industrial heritage is being repurposed.


Hiking in the midst of cultural and natural history

The relocation of the landing of the Noorderbrug freed up space for the realization of an entirely new city park: the Frontenpark. Located on the north side of the Sphinxkwartier, the Frontenpark appears like the district’s back garden stretching over more than twenty hectares.

Retailpark Belvédère

Optimally visible and easily accessible

The relocation of the Noorderbrug landing has opened up space for the development of the Belvédère Retail Park.