Sappi-Zuid - fotograaf Fred Berghmans

Further investments in the Sphinxkwartier

Developing the southwestern part of Sappi

Update 7 January 2021

On 7 January 2021, Sappi Maastricht and the Belvédère Wijkontwikkelingsmaatschappij (WOM) of the Municipality of Maastricht have signed an agreement that finalized the sale of the southwestern part of the Maastricht paper mill site to the WOM. The purchase offers the opportunity to extend the Maasboulevard in the direction of Fransensingel so car traffic on both the Bassinbrug and Boschstraat will decrease significantly.

Sappi Zuidwest - artists impression

Opportunities for Sphinxkwartier and ‘t Bassin marina

The purchase of the southwestern part of the Sappi site offers the municipality of Maastricht the opportunity to stretch the city center to the north and to further build on the Sphinxkwartier. By extending the Maasboulevard around Lumière Cinema, Bureau Europa and Muziekgieterij, the Sphinxkwartier will become more attractive for pedestrians and cyclists. We are stretching the city centre of Maastricht to the north so development of 't Bassin marina on the north side can be finished.

Landbouwbelang - fotograaf Fred Berghmans


Buying part of the Sappi factory also has an effect on the development of the Landbouwbelang site. The agreement with Sappi sets out that more square metres may be built at the Landbouwbelang location and that the site may be made residential. These new developments are included in the tender, which also looks at sustainability and green spaces, currently being prepared for the Landbouwbelang site. Important conditions for the development of the Landbouwbelang site are that the area must remain accessible to everyone, that there must be a connection to the river Meuse, and that attractive public functions are created on the ground floor.

Sappi vanaf de Maasboulevard - fotograaf Fred Berghmans

Investment in Sappi Maastricht

Sappi Maastricht, specialized in making coated graphical paper, has been making paper on the Meuse in Maastricht for 170 years (since 1850). Due to the worldwide digitization of communication, the market for graphic paper is shrinking. In order to survive in this shrinking market and to guarantee continuity and employment, Sappi Maastricht started three years ago with the switch to luxury packaging board. This activity mainly takes place on the north side of the company site. The sale of the southwestern part provides Sappi with the necessary recources to improve internal logistics and invest in a more sustainable production process.

Begrenzing Sappi Zuidwest - luchtfoto Aron Nijs

Planning for the coming years

Sappi will relocate its activities to the remaining Sappi site, and will also undertake new construction. This will take approximately two years, including applying for the necessary permits, internal relocations and preparations for the delivery of the sold sites and buildings. During this time,  Belvédère WOM will prepare for the infrastructural works, the building of new residencies and completion of the necessary procedures. The aim is to be able to extend the Maasboulevard in two years time. The housing construction is expected to take place in 2025/2026, following the infrastructural works.