De voormalige gemeentelijke Gasfabriek - fotograaf Fred Berghmans

Studio Valentin Loellmann new owner Gasfactory

From December 2019, designer Valentin Loellmann is the new owner of the former municipal Gasfactory, a.k.a. the Cokesfactory.

20 November 2019

From Gasfactory to Design-studio

In the coming years designer Valentin Loellmann will gradually restore the former Gasfactory on the Radiumsite. During the first phases, workshops on the ground and first floor will be made ready to operate. The next phases will focus on the construction of a two-storey botanical greenhouse with an adjoining water feature, the construction of a sculpture garden and the layout of public and educational spaces. On several floors Valentin Loellmann will furnish a number of 'artist-in-residence' studios. The Gasfactory will eventually accommodate a one-of-a-kind studio concept. 

Innovation and adventure

Ready for the next generation

Valentin Loellmann likes to share his work with a larger audience and represents cultural entrepreneurship that fits seamlessly within the Sphinxkwartier and adjoining Frontenpark and Radiumsite. Not 'Sjiek & Sjoen' (Classy & Clean), but innovative and adventurous, with room for a new, younger generation. A generation that has proven that international success is also possible from Maastricht.