Luchtfoto zomer 2019 - fotograaf Aron Nijs

On Belvédère Maastricht

The Belvédère Maastricht project is an extensive spatial development project in the northwestern part of Maastricht. An area of almost 300 hectares that stretches from Het Bassin in the Maastricht city centre to the Belgian border at Smeermaas. An area full of (old) industry, historic fortifications and unique nature. Restructuring of this special part of Maastricht has been underway since the turn of the century.


The global crisis (2008) was a turning point for Belvédère Maastricht. The loaded real estate program has now been replaced by an aspiration with more space for temporality, experiment, creativity, nature and the repurposing of industrial heritage. The ambition document 'Het Antwoord van de Sphinx' (in Dutch) describes this updated view on spatial development. 

Sphinxkwartier en Het Bassin - fotograaf Fred Berghmans

Change of atmosphere

We have moved on more than a decade, and can conclude that the area has completely transformed. The monumental Eiffelbuilding on the Boschstraat is now a lively complex where people live, work and study. The landing of the Noorderbrug has been rerouted and around the iconic Eiffelbuilding, the Sphinxkwartier is developing into a cultural centre with a metropolitan vibe. With the Frontenpark as a rough and rugged back garden. Developments within Belvédère will continue in the coming years. For example, with the further development of the Frontenpark and The Radium, the revitalization of Retailpark Belvédère and the development of 'Sappi-Zuid' in combination with the Landbouwbelang. And not to forget: the Maastricht-Hasselt tram, with the Sphinxkwartier stop as it's first stop on Dutch soil.

Sphinxkwartier - fotograaf Jonathan Vos

Sjiek, Sjoen & Sjore

The Sphinxkwartier has an urban context, where it can also scour next to 'Sjiek & Sjoen' ('Classy & Correct'). The appearance is international and in terms of architecture has a combination of urban renewal and architectural / industrial heritage. Encounters and cross-connections play a major role. In the Sphinxkwartier, the emphasis is on repurposing, temporary and permanent functions, flexibility, gradual transformation, sustainability and co-creation. Belvédère Maastricht believes in the future, dares to invest in an organic transformation and receptivity. In a historical sense, the Sphinxkwartier always played a major part in the development of Maastricht. This is also the case for the future: you find it in Sphinxkwartier.

Belvédère Maastricht in the picture

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