Tramhalte Sphinxkwartier - fotograaf Fred Berghmans

Tram Maastricht-Hasselt

The tram Maastricht-Hasselt is expected to run from 2024 onwards via Lanaken to the first stop on Dutch soil: the Sphinxkwartier stop. The cross-border tram is a part of the Spartacus project, a densely meshed public transport network that ensures better and more efficient public transport in Belgian Limburg.

3.8 kilometres of tram track in the Netherlands

On Dutch soil, a total of 3.8 kilometres of tram track will be constructed, largely within the boundaries of Belvédère WOM B.V. From the Belgian-Dutch border at Lanaken, the tram track continues to the final stop in the heart of the city centre at Mosae Forum. Both the municipality of Maastricht and the Province of Limburg (NL) are partners in the project and convinced of the benefits of this robust cross-border public transport connection. More info on (in Dutch). A virtual tram ride is available below.