Het Retailpark Belvédère is optimaal zichtbaar - luchtfoto: Aron Nijs

Belvédère Retail Park

The relocation of the Noorderbrug landfall has opened up space for the development of the Belvédère Retail Park.

In the next few years, the Belvédèrelaan will become home to a concentration of peripheral, large-scale retail stores aimed at the people living in Maastricht and the region. The retail park will be optimally visible and easily accessible from all directions thanks to the realisation of the new Noorderbrug route.

Two DIY stores, six lifestyle shops

With the GAMMA and Praxis, two large DIY stores have now established themselves at the Belvédère Retail Park. In addition to the GAMMA, six home furnishing shops opened their doors in one shared building in the summer  of 2020. These are Leen Bakker, Beter Bed, Beddenreus, Kwantum, JYSK and Carpetright.

De planologische procedure voor de vervolgfase loopt - Luchtfoto: Aron Nijs

Planning procedure for next phase Retail Park in progress

Further development expected from summer 2020 onwards

In order to have a good and promising perspective for the future, a concentration of stores, adequate size and broad branching is important. In addition to the construction and lifestyle shops, other retail stores must also be able to establish themselves at Belvédère Retail Park. The expansion of the Retail Park is planned directly along the new Noorderbrug landing and alongside the Fort Willemweg. In the middle of the park there will be a large central parking facility.

In order to make this development possible, the Municipal Council adopted a new zoning plan for the Retail Park in 2019. An appeal is currently pending before the Raad van State. As soon as the zoning plan is irrevocable further development of the Belvédère Retail Park can be started. The total development is expected to require 4 to 5 years.

impressie Retailpark Belvédère
Impression of the planned expansion of the Belvédère Retail Park. The new Noorderbrug route on the right and the central car park in the middle of the Lage Frontweg.