Het Retailpark Belvédère is optimaal zichtbaar - luchtfoto: Aron Nijs

Belvédère Retail Park

The relocation of the Noorderbrug landfall has opened up space for the development of the Belvédère Retail Park.

In recent years, a concentration of peripheral, large-scale retail has emerged on Belvédèrelaan, aimed at the target group from Maastricht and the surrounding area. This retail park is optimally visible and easily accessible from all directions thanks to the realisation of the new Noorderbrug landfall.

Two DIY stores, six lifestyle shops

With the GAMMA and Praxis, two large DIY stores have now established themselves at the Belvédère Retail Park. In addition to the GAMMA, six home furnishing shops opened their doors in one shared building in the summer  of 2020. These are Leen Bakker, Beter Bed, Beddenreus, Kwantum, JYSK and Carpetright.

State of affairs May 2023 - no further development

The initial intention was to further expand the retail park.  In addition to the current construction and home decoration shops, it was also to include kitchen & home appliances shops, sports shops and leisure at this retail location.


Based on the new regulations and jurisdiction surrounding nitrogen, a study was carried out into the potential for further expansion of the retail park in the coming years. The results of the study show that, based on current nitrogen standards, far less of the programme can be realised than originally planned. As a result, it is not possible to further develop the retail park within the (financial) frameworks set by the municipal council.

Further development halted

The College therefore decided on 9 May 2023 to discontinue the preparation of a zoning plan for the follow-up phase of the Belvédère Retail Park and to stop acquiring properties from third parties that were needed for the realisation of the Retail Park. The municipal council was informed of this by letter on 10 May 2023.

How to proceed?

The first thing now is to weigh up the new opportunities for the area. Both for the short and long term. Obviously taking into account the new nitrogen standards and existing property positions, among other things.  This will also include other current issues such as construction costs and market conditions.  This process will be initiated in the coming period.