Bedrijventerrein Bosscherveld vanuit het noorden

Revitalisation Bosscherveld industrial site

New lease of life for the oldest industrial site of the Netherlands

One of the main objectives of the Belvédère project is the revitalisation of the Bosscherveld industrial site. This industrial site is one of the oldest in the Netherlands. Through various spatial enhancements we are giving this industrial area a new lease of life.

Het Radium - fotograaf Fred Berghmans

Rerouting of the Noorderbrug provides creative solutions on the south side

Due to the rerouting of the Noorderbrug, the Bosscherveld business site has been divided into two separate parts. On the south side of the Noorderbrug, part of the businesses have been relocated to make room for the realisation of the Frontenpark. At the Radium, companies have also moved, leaving behind empty buildings. These are now being used for new (re)creative enterprises. Examples include the former 'Cokesfabriek', the LAB-building and the former Vredestein headquarters on the Cabergerweg.

Luchtfoto bedrijventerrein Bosscherveld vanuit het noordoosten - fotograaf Aron Nijs

North side of the Noorderbrug

In collaboration with Bedrijvenvereniging Bosscherveld and Samenwerkende Industrieterreinen Maastricht (SIM), we are redesigning the Bosscherveld Business Site on the northern side of the new Noorderbrug. The site covers approximately 100 hectares and has various creative and innovative enterprises. But there is also some heavier industry that is characterised by inefficient land use, increased environmental impact and overdue maintenance. Together we will transform this business site into a modern industrial estate that suits today's requirements.

In de zomer van 2020 openen zes woonwinkels de deuren - fotograaf Fred Berghmans

Retail Park Belvédère

Retail within walking-distance of the city centre

We are transforming part of the business site into the Belvédère Retail Park. A park with large-scale retail aimed at visitors from Maastricht and its immediate surroundings. More and more shops are now opening at this new location.

New future for old landfills

Traditionally, various (municipal) landfills were present in the Bosscherveld business site. Little by little, we are transferring these grounds to Bodemzorg Limburg, which manages the landfills and, where possible, gives them a new sustainable purpose. The best example of this is the former landfill on the Belvédèreberg. At the end of 2020, solar panels will be used to generate energy, walking routes with phenomenal views run across the Belvédèreberg and provisions have been made for rare animal species such as the wall lizard and the slowworm.

Solarpark Belvédèreberg in aanleg - fotograaf Fred Berghmans
Solarpark Belvédèreberg - photographer Fred Berghmans