Sappi-Zuid - fotograaf Fred Berghmans

Further investments in the Sphinxkwartier

Developing the southwestern part of Sappi
12 March 2020

The Municipal Executive of Maastricht wants to invest further in the Sphinxkwartier. Therefore the municipal council proposes to buy part of the Sappi factory, specifically the southwestern part of the Sappi site at ‘t Bassin (opposite Lumière Cinema). This plot now has several functions, including as Sappi's car park.

Sappi Zuidwest - artists impression

Opportunities for Sphinxkwartier and ‘t Bassin marina

Purchasing the southwestern part of the Sappi factory offers the opportunity to improve the connection between Sphinxkwartier and the city centre, further decreasing traffic in the area and making it more attractive to pedestrians and cyclists. This development will also enable us to extend  Maasboulevard around Lumière Cinema, Bureau Europa, and Muziekgieterij. As a result, we will be able to remove a lot of traffic around Boschstraat and Bassinbrug bridge. Constructing the new road will enable us to extend the inner city out toward the north and complete the northern side of ‘t Bassin marina.

Landbouwbelang - fotograaf Fred Berghmans


Buying part of the Sappi factory also has an effect on the development of the Landbouwbelang site. The agreement with Sappi sets out that more square metres may be built at the Landbouwbelang location and that the site may be made residential. These new developments are included in the tender, which also looks at sustainability and green spaces, currently being prepared for the Landbouwbelang site. Important conditions for the development of the Landbouwbelang site are that the area must remain accessible to everyone, that there must be a connection to the river Meuse, and that attractive public functions are created on the ground floor.

Artists impression noordzijde Bassin


From decision making to planning and implementation

The municipal council will discuss the plans in the summer of 2020. A City Meeting, Council Consultative Meeting, and Council Assembly are scheduled after the summerbreak, due to restrictions to prevent further spread of the coronavirus. On 15 September there will be a socalled 'stadsronde', on 27 September a council meeting and on 28 October a council meeting.