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Sky Hive Solar Frontenpark

The Bee Collective

The Sky Hive Solar in the Frontenpark – between P-Frontenpark and Low Fronts – is realized through crowdfunding project ‘Adopt a bee, Honey!’. The Sky Hive Solar is in use since 2014 to promote bees and beekeepers by making them visible in urban spaces.

Any idea how important bees are? Bees pollinate 1/3 of our fruit and vegetables. One beehive produces 40 kilos of honey per year. Bees bring nature back to the city.

Sky hive solar - foto Architectenweb

Sky Hive Solar

The Sky Hive Solar makes it possible to keep bees in public spaces without risking by-passers to be stung whilst bees are safe from vandalism. A prototype of the Sky Hive was tested in the Sphinxpark, just across the main road (Frontensingel), from May 2011 until September 2013. In spring 2014 the bees were introduced back in the Frontenpark in a brand-new and permanent Sky Hive Solar. To attend to the bees and harvest honey the Sky Hive Solar can be lowered by pressing a button. Solar panels mounted on the roof of the bee hives generate the necessary power for the electric motor to do so. The hoisting system is certified for use in public space.

Honing verzamelen - foto Bureau Europa

Next-generation beekeepers

The Bee Collective is a cooperation of beekeepers and designers searching for new ways to stimulate and enable beekeeping in a contemporary living environment. The collective works for a broader understanding of the function and functioning of bees, brings together next-generation beekeepers in a network and invites people to become a beekeeper.

Frontenparkhoning - foto Bee Collective


For sale in the Sphinxkwartier

Do you want to have your own Frontenparkhoney? You can buy your own jar of honey at Gedeelde Weelde